Jesper Theis har sammen med sine glimrende medspillere lavet et fornemt, varmt og nuanceret debutalbum, der bør give genlyd både nationalt og internationalt.”

Peter Widmer -


Anmeldelse fra Peter Widmer/ - læs den her: 

"Jesper Theis har sammen med sine glimrende medspillere lavet et fornemt, varmt og nuanceret debutalbum, der bør give genlyd både nationalt og internationalt."  
"Der er [...] intet støvet over dette fine album, der både rækker tilbage til svundne tider og samtidig er nutidigt i sit udtryk."  
"Straks er man suget ind i Jesper Theis’ musikalske univers, og dér er rart at være."


El álbum estará en - La Hora Del Blues Radio - Mayo 2018. 

Jesper Theis “Narrow Line”. Straight Shooter Records

De vez en cuando uno se encuentra con una agradable sorpresa en forma de disco. Este es el caso del músico danés Jesper Theis que me ha sorprendido gratamente con esta su primera propuesta discográfica titulada “Narrow Line”. El álbum se compone de dos partes diferentes que se grabaron en dos sesiones bien diferenciadas, realizadas ambas en el estudio de Tommy Leino en Finlandia. La primera de ellas es completamente acústica, con Jesper Theis a la guitarra y voz yPeter Nande a la armónica. En la segunda sesión semi-acústica, la voz y la guitarra de Jesper Thais se funden al contrabajo de Jaska Prepula y la batería y la percusión de Mikko Peltola , además de contar con Tomi Leino como segundo guitarrista y Jakob Munch Mortensen al trombón, ambos en algunas canciones. Toda esta combinación musical y de esmerada cercanía musical al entorno del blues, se presenta envuelta en atractiva y elegante fantasía, donde se recogen momentos muy cálidos dotados de emotiva intimidad, además de una profunda y mágica belleza. Actualmente Jesper vive en Barcelona donde ha empezado a colaborar con músicos locales como el armonicista y cantante Xiscu Rubio Roca.

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Beskrivelse af albummet. Skrevet af Bryan Powel:


Jesper Theis Invokes a Broad Mix of Vintage Influences on Narrow Line, His Debut CD 


If you are a blues music fan or journalist, or a casual listener, consider this question: How often have you pressed “play” on a new blues release and found that you could easily predict the next line of lyrics or the next musical phrase… over and over? Been there, done that? 

If so, Narrow Line, the debut release from Danish-born bluesman Jesper Theis, could be the antidote for what ails you. Narrow Line (Straight Shooter SHOT 19) offers a diverse mix of tracks inspired by pre-WWII acoustic country blues and gospel, as well as material that would be right at home in the 1960s U.S. folk boom. You will also hear jazz-tinged Caribbean rhythms, flavored with trombone, as well as rawboned bottleneck guitar work and single-string guitar lines that bridge the distance between T-Bone Walker and seminal rockabilly. 


Along the way, you will realize that there is something special going on here. 


Theis, 33, grew up in Frederikshavn, a city in northern Denmark, and is currently living in Barcelona, and recently made a full-time commitment to a music career and has quit his job as a schoolteacher. Theis recorded Narrow Line in two sessions this spring at Tomi Leino’s studio in Finland. One session featured Theis in an acoustic setting with blues musician and producer Peter Nande on harp. The other session matched Theis with Jaska Prepula on upright bass and Mikko Peltola on drums and percussion. That session also featured, on selected tracks, second guitar from Leino and trombone from Jakob Munch Mortensen. 


Among the acoustic tracks on Narrow Line is “Coco Blues” (also known as “Cocaine Blues”), a ‘60s folk standard most often associated with Rev. Gary Davis. “When I first heard ‘Coco Blues,’ it touched me deeply and changed my way of thinking about music,” Theis recalls. 


Another highlight of the acoustic work on the album is the lithe Theis original, “Baby Blue,” which features lean, articulate vocal and bottleneck guitar lines working in unison. 


Most blues fans will recognize “You Got To Take Sick And Die” from the Muddy Waters’ 1941-42 field recordings, which were later released as Down On Stovall’s Plantation. Theis’ version, however, was inspired by a recording by the late Boyd Rivers (1934-1993), an impassioned gospel singer from Mississippi who, like Muddy, initially was recorded by Alan Lomax. 


The band tracks further reveal the range of Theis’ varied talents. The title track, a Theis original, is a melancholic, gospel-inspired march that exudes blues in every measured step, but with none of the archetypal trimmings. Theis’ cover of Tom Waits’ barfly saga, “Fumblin’ With The Blues,” complete with trombone, evokes a Depression-era tone of desperation. Again, Theis has tapped into deep American blues roots but has eschewed clichés. 


The Nande-penned “The Devil’s Too Strong” is a one-chord vamp on the universal theme of human weakness. It features a gravelly, otherworldly Nande harp part (achieved with a low-pitched harp and a glass), with weighty, unison guitar/vocal lines from Theis that recall the style of Blind Willie Johnson, among others. 


Narrow Line has its lighter moments as well. The band tracks include the strongly syncopated “Creepy Woman” – penned jointly by Theis and Nande and featuring a tasty Leino guitar break – and the (literally) upbeat Nande original, “Let’s Jam Up.” The latter features a carefree slide guitar solo from Leino. Each of these tracks quite simply dares you to sit still… reminders that rhythm is indeed a universal language, and that – hardships notwithstanding – one imperative of living with the blues is to keep moving, and to enjoy oneself, regardless. 


Jesper Theis is a Danish-born blues musician. Narrow Line is his first CD release on Peter Nande’s Straight Shooter Records label. 


Jesper Theis – Narrow Line (Straight Shooter SHOT 19) 


Jesper Theis – Vocals and guitar 

Peter Nande – Harmonica and percussion 

Jakob Munck Mortensen – Trombone 

Tomi Leino – Guitar 

Mikko Peltola – Drums and percussion 

Jaska Prepula – Upright bass 



Track Listing: 

1. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Jesper Theis) 

2. Creepy Woman (Peter Nande/Jesper Theis) 

3. Depot Blues (Son House) 

4. Narrow Line (Jesper Theis) 

5. Baby Blue (Jesper Theis) 

6. Coco Blues (Traditional) 

7. Let’s Jam Up (Peter Nande) 

8. The Devil’s Too Strong (Peter Nande) 

9. Fumblin’ With The Blues (Tom Waits) 

10. You Got to Take Sick and Die (Traditional) 

11. Lyin’ Cheatin’ Mama (Jesper Theis) 

12. Bread And Butter (Peter Nande/Jesper Theis)